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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) - General questions and checklist

1.            Will the company be governed by its Members or its Managers?
2.            What is the proposed name for the LLC?  It is best to provide your preferred name and two                alternatives.  Limited Liability Company LLC names must include the words “limited 
               liability company” or “limited company” or an abbreviation such as “LLC”.
3.            What is the purpose of the LLC?  Most LLCs that I assist in formation are formed 
               for "any lawful purpose".
4.            Who will be the Registered Agent for the LLC and what will be the registered office street                 address for the LLC?
5.            Who are the initial Managers or Members of the LLC and what are their complete 
6.            Are there any special clauses that need to be added to the Certificate of Formation?
7.            Will the LLC need corporate books and/or Membership interest certificates?
8.            When will be the Organizational Meeting for the LLC?
9.            Who will be the Organizational Meeting chair person?
10.          Will the LLC have officers such as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer?
11.          What are the units of membership interest (ownership) issued to each of the initial 
12.          Does the LLC have a banking resolution?
13.          How will the members vote on future issues arising with the LLC?

Contact me to discuss the general  questions  and checklist for forming a LLC and an office appointment with me to begin formation of  your Limited Liability Company LLC. 
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